Michael Hodges

Managing Director

  • Overview

    Mike is a Managing Director of ATA Ventures. He served on the board of directors at Cinova, Trilibis Mobile, Siaras, Zoosk, EdgeWave, Clustrix, and AccelOps.

    Mike brings many decades of experience as an engineer, manager, CEO, and board member across a multi-discipline experience set including computer hardware, software, optics, and instrumentation. A long time Silicon Valley resident, he was raised in Palo Alto and attended UC Berkeley. Mike has participated in all phases of Silicon Valley start-up life including stints in design engineering, project management, general management, marketing, manufacturing, and finance.

    Mike migrated into general management roles initially in a public company, Spectra-Physics, followed by a dozen start-ups over 25 years where he served as CEO or CEO Coach.

  • Executive

    Mike has spent 25 years in and around the venture capital community. He has been recruited by many leading venture capital firms including Institutional Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Oak Investment Partners, Asset Management, and others to serve as CEO in both new and turnaround start-up situations.

    Mike’s experience as the initial CEO spans multiple start-ups and has required skilful creation and build-out of the management team, creation of the business plan, execution of product development, and first revenue. His experience as a turnaround CEO also spans many start-ups and has required strong strategic analysis and crisis management skills. One of the turn-around situations for Accel and Oak, resulted in an IPO (Tellium) which was showcased in a notable Princeton University case study.

    A feature article in Telephony Magazine described Mike as “The Best CEO You Have Never Heard Of,” and as a CEO, he has raised $150M and returned over $1.5B in distributions. Mike is a frequent lecturer in entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and the Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University. In addition, he was the keynote commencement speaker for the SJSU Graduate School of Business Class of 2011.

  • Technologist

    Mike has a broad range of technological experience including computer systems, optics, telecom, medical instrumentation and devices, video, MEMS, and nano technologies. He began his career as a technologist. Having obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from UC Berkeley, his early engineering designs included computer systems and assembly level coding on the first Intel processors, the 8008 and 8080 devices. As one of the key founders of the optical barcode scanning division within Spectra-Physics, Mike designed and coded high-speed computer systems from discrete IC’s. This technology continues today within the leading supermarket barcode scanning manufacturer (now a major part of the DataLogic Corporation).

  • Investments

    Since joining ATA in 2006, Mike has represented ATA as a board member in over a dozen companies. Most reflect a basic belief in the continued migration off the desktop to mobile, a continuing explosion of structured databases, and the eventual arrival of a world of 100% electronic payments. Mike continues to focus on software companies that can provide dramatic improvements within large markets by delivering solutions in the areas of big data, mobile, social networking, and payments.