Hatch Graham

Managing Director

  • Overview

    Hatch is a founding Managing Director of ATA Ventures and currently serves on the board of directors at Jobvite, Zoosk and Sikka Software. Hatch has sourced or provides lead investor support to other current portfolio companies, including Actelis and Altierre. Past companies have ranged from semiconductor companies in the early years of ATA, including SpansLogic (acquired by Cisco), TeleCIS (acquired by QualComm), RipCode (acquired by RGB Networks), Synfora (acquired by Synopsis) and TelASIC (acquired by MTI), to the more recent focus of Internet and mobile based information platforms, including FastScale (acquired by EMC), MedaGate (acquired by InComm), YottaMark (acquired by Trimble), and Milyoni (acquired by PhotoBucket).

    Hatch blends a unique and celebrated background managing public and private companies with extensive technology experience. His years at ATA Ventures are coupled with prior experience supporting venture firms (such as U.S. Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Institutional Venture Partners, Accel Partners, and Sevin-Rosen Funds) in the process of evaluating early–stage companies and concepts, as well as providing industry expertise to private-company boards.

    Prior to forming ATA Ventures in 2003, he co-founded and guided several innovative start-ups through liquidity, often presiding as CEO or Chairman. Earlier in his career, Hatch managed prominent businesses within industry-leading public companies, during which time he received industry acclaim for his leadership in the development of iconic advancements in wireless and semiconductor technologies leading to impressive valuation growth for shareholders.

    Hatch began his career as a product designer and scientist developing award winning technologies in global positioning, cable broadband, internet, and wireless communications, including breakthrough advancements used today in our daily lives, around the globe.

  • Executive

    Hatch understands the intricacies of managing businesses at all levels. Throughout the 1990’s, he held executive officer positions within industry-leaders in telecommunications, such as Stanford Telecom (STII), World Access (WAXS), and TCSI Corporation (TCSI), typically managing multiple businesses and P/Ls within each company. His focus of accelerating growth while remaining fiscally conservative led to highly efficient and scalable businesses at all levels. As a result, dramatic valuation increases were enjoyed by shareholders while under Hatch’s watch.

    While at Stanford Telecom, Hatch led the company’s transformation from a pure government contractor to a combination of growth-oriented commercial enterprises serving wireless and wireline communication sectors, including spearheading the company’s secondary Public Offering. Silicon Valley Business Journal credited Hatch as the key force in the impressive turnaround to prosperity, citing “Stanford Telecom hit the jackpot in 1994 after two years of little growth…the turnaround has been led by Hatch Graham’s ASIC and Custom Products Divisions.” The efforts resulted in highly successful and publicized M&A events with Intel Corporation and Newbridge Networks. During Hatch’s tenure at the helm of the company’s commercial business units, shareholders enjoyed an 8X increase in stock price.

    Hatch joined World Access as Group President in 1997 to help revive the de-listed (Nasdaq) telecom company. Hatch and the executive team completed an impressive turnaround which included incredible revenue growth – revenue was less than $50M per year and profitless when he joined, but well over $200M and profitable within two years. Hatch also formed the World Access Corporate R&D efforts, which focused on developing a next-generation wireless local loop system providing toll quality CDMA telephone and data service for emerging international markets.

    Prior to World Access, Hatch served as Senior Vice President and Executive Officer of TCSI Corporation, leading the efforts to stabilize and re-focus the company’s ailing imbedded software business which focused on wireless infrastructure and handset signal processing technologies. Hatch’s efforts led to a 200% increase in sales within six months and a successful transition back to profitability. As part of the strategy, he sold the business unit to a leading semiconductor company, Atmel (ATML).

    Through his background, Hatch has the ability of assisting entrepreneurs and executive teams as they enter the market and create relationships. He has established business agreements with industry leaders, such as Motorola, AT&T, Lucent, Hewlett-Packard, Westinghouse, Scientific-Atlanta, Zilog, Alcatel/DSC, Nortel, Tellabs, Texas Instruments, Mitsubishi, LG, and Hughes to name a few. His negotiation skills have been instrumental in implementing substantial M&A, licensing, production, procurement, and development contracts/agreements with both public and private companies

  • Entrepreneur

    Hatch has a long-standing history within the start-up environment, both from an investor viewpoint, as well as an entrepreneurial perspective. By way of the innovative start-ups that he co-founded, he deeply understands the challenges and thrills of building an early-stage company.

    As co-founder and Chairman of Wave7 Optics, an Atlanta based manufacturer of fiber-optics equipment, Hatch guided the company through the introduction of the industry’s highest performance Fiber-to-the-Home optical access system. Within 24 months after formation, Wave7 became deployed in three of the five top Cable MSO carriers and was selected by America’s Network publication as one of the industry’s top 8 start-ups, as well as Telecommunications Magazine’s prestigious “Top 10 Start-Up” in 2003. The company was acquired by Canadian-based Enablence Corporation.

    Hatch also co-founded Resonext, a semiconductor company that specialized in integrated RF and Baseband wireless solutions. In October of 2002, after becoming a recognized leader in IEEE 802.11 a,b, and g wireless chipset solutions, the company completed a successful sale to RF Micro Devices. Time to liquidity for more than half of all venture investments was less than 18 months.

    Additionally, Hatch was a charter employee of Zoran Corporation in the mid-1980’s, a leading Digital Signal Processing company serving the consumer products sector. After a highly successful IPO, the company was subsequently acquired by London-based, CSR.

  • Technologist

    Hatch understands technology at its core. As a technologist in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, he was an accomplished and award winning semiconductor designer with over two dozen communications IC’s to his credit – many architectures are still in production over 20 years later. Hatch’s concepts led to key patents in direct digital synthesis, programmable logic device, digital filtering, forward error correction, spread spectrum wireless, cable TV, and cellular telephone applications. For his invention in digital modulation for cable TV, he was granted the coveted “reverse path” patent which enabled cost effective broadband CATV architectures, a primary enabler for the Cable Modem industry. Hatch was also granted an error-correction patent that contributed to the introduction of Direct Broadcast Satellite television.

    Products that Hatch has personally designed have been featured on the covers of many publications, including RF Design Magazine, DSP and Multimedia Applications, Microwave and RF Magazine, Electronic Engineering Times, to name a few. In their 20th Anniversary issue, industry-leading trade journal Electronic Engineering Times published a feature article about Hatch, honoring him as one of the industry’s top technology development leaders, labeling him “a force in our industry.” He is also a published author on Engineering Management excellence. Hatch has been a recipient of Idaho State University’s Professional Achievement Award, where he graduated in 1982 with a B.S. Engineering degree and currently serves on the ISU College of Engineering Advisory Committee.

  • Entrepreneur

    Under the belief that many legacy markets have not yet utilized the advantages of Internet-based innovations of the past decade, Hatch is especially attracted to Information Delivery Platforms that dramatically improve out-dated processes relating to vital needs of businesses and consumers. Hatch’s investments in Consumer applications have addressed critical-need areas within career, health, retail and media markets. His investments in Enterprise applications have focused on data center performance and broadband delivery.