Our Focus

We seek information-based solutions for essential industries.

Following the belief that many legacy industries have only just begun to fully utilize the advantages of emerging mobile and Internet-based innovations, ATA Ventures is especially attracted to Information Technology concepts that appear capable of dramatically improving fundamental processes within large markets.

We begin our relationship with portfolio companies at an early-stage and seek teams that are passionate about developing profound concepts within essential markets, such as health, career, relationship, food, entertainment, media, and retail. For example, current and past ATA portfolio companies have redefined industry procedures within data centers, grocery and retail stores, social sites, drug trials, call centers, and various enterprise functions (human resources, information systems, etc.).

We seek information-based solutions that inspire customers.

The companies we seek strive to create a highly compelling justification for their product adoption, specifically by the benefits they provide their clients. For enterprise applications, we seek companies that will provide clients a clear path to improved profits, reduced costs, accelerated performance, and optimized quality. For consumer applications, we seek companies that will provide consumers with a clear path to improved health, entertainment, and well-being.

We seek information-based solutions with a path to defensible market leadership.

We seek companies with a well-defined proprietary advantage, typically in the form of patentable Intellectual Property surrounded by novel innovations to deliver a comprehensive “information platform.” The solution will reside in any number of locations, including the cloud, a data center, or within an enterprise, and the end result will be capable of providing a superior solution to an easily-identifiable market application.

We seek information-based solutions of high investment return value.

The ideal investment target will consume an affordable level of venture capital through the early stages, typically requiring less than $5M and 15 months to reach product availability in the market. An emphasis is placed on generating fundamental financial success, favoring long-term product superiority over short-term popularity. Exit value is intended to benefit from the stability of a successful financial track record, coupled with the appeal of innovative market leadership.