About Us

ATA Ventures is a Silicon Valley venture capital firm founded in 2003 and focused on early stage private companies which appear to offer strong prospects for capital growth. With over $400 Million of capital under management, ATA partners offer seed and early-stage growth capital along with decades of proven operating experience to assist startups in their pursuit of building companies of tremendous value.

Having a focus on digital delivery platforms that empower business and consumer applications, the ATA Ventures team makes capital investments in opportunities where long-standing and out-dated procedures can be replaced with innovative technology-rich solutions. The result is often a dramatic improvement to the operation of a business or the lifestyle of a consumer. We maximize our investment leverage in situations where the combined backgrounds of the ATA investment professionals can offer an extraordinary positive advantage to the portfolio company. We believe each investment is “A Team Approach.”

"New Investment" Team

New Investments

The firm’s “New Investment” team is comprised of industry veterans offering an average of over 30 years of related experience per partner. Established with the belief that experience matters, each member of the team has developed a reputation of industry leadership through decades of operational experience, often at the forefront of market and technology innovation. We work as a team to seek, evaluate, select, and support investment opportunities that have the anticipated ability to substantially impact large markets based on unique and defensible solutions.